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The metro system in Athens has three lines connecting to the tram and bus routes as well as the suburban railway. 

Athens metro system has contributed to the reduction of air pollution and traffic in the capital. 

Many metro stations in Athens include exhibitions and artworks. They also exhibit the relics found from the archaeological excavations during the construction. You can see street photographers working in the Athens metro. It’s also allowed to take videos and pictures in the metro. 

The current operating lines are Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3. An additional line is planned to operate in 2023. The new line will mainly work as an extension to Line 3. 

All stations of the Athens metro are accessible to disabled people, providing elevators. Also, most of the trains include air conditioners.

You can find information about the history, fees, and timetables of the Athens metro below. In addition, you’ll find a list of stations and lines of the Athens subway.

The History of Athens Metro

Line 1

Line 1 (Green Line) is the very first metro line constructed in Athens. It was the only rapid-transit line back then, until 2000. In 1869, the Athens and Piraeus Railway Company (SAP) opened the railway line. It was a single-track railway line for mixed cargo and passengers. It was run between Piraeus and Thiseio. 

The Athens and Piraeus Railway Company (SAP) opened a steam single-track mixed cargo and passenger railway line on 27 February 1869 and was run between Piraeus and Thiseio. Later, it was electrified in 1904. Until 1926, SAP operated this line. Between 1926 and 1976, Hellenic Electric Railways (EIS) operated it. EIS then became nationalized in 1976, and its new name became Athens-Piraeus Electric Railway Company (ISAP). Until Jun. 16, 2011, the same company continued to operate what became Athens Metro Line 1.

Line 2 and Line 3

From the 1990s on, new lines were planned to be added to reduce traffic and air pollution. In 1992, the construction of the underground Line 2 (Red Line) and 3 (Blue Line) began. Attiko Metro S.A. built these lines, and Attiko Metro Operations Company operated them until 2011. In January 2000, both lines began to operate. In 2004, Line 3 was extended to the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. In 2013, Line 2 was extended to Anthoupoli and Helliniko. 

List of the Athens Metro Lines

Line 1 (the Green line) is the second oldest underground system in the world, following the London Underground. 

The three lines of the Athens Metro serve 64 stations. There are four metro interchanges. Also, each line has at least one station that connects with Athens Trams and Proastiakos Suburban Railway. 

Line 1 is mainly overground, with a tunnel section in central Athens. Line 2 and the Attiko Metro portion of Line 3 are all underground. 

LineMap ColorRouteLengthNumber of Stations
1Green Piraeus – Kifisia25.6 km24
2RedAnthoupoli – Elliniko17.9 km20
3BlueNikaia – Airport18.1 km24
Total82.5 km64
Athens Metro Lines

Athens Metro Map

Here is the Athens metro map, where you can see all the lines. Before you go anywhere in Athens, you can check the stations through this Athens subway map below.

Athens metro map
Athens Metro Map

List of Metro Stations in Athens

Today, the Athens subway reaches important points in the city. These include the airport, Acropolis,  Olympic Stadium, and Central Railway Station.

You can find the table of metro stations in Athens below. 

LineStation NameTransfersMunicipalityPlatform Location
Line 1PiraeusProastiakosPiraeusIsland
Line 1FaliroT3 and T4 Athens TramPiraeusSpanish solution
Line 1MoschatoMoschato-TavrosSide
Line 1KallitheaMoschato-TavrosSide
Line 1TavrosKallitheaIsland
Line 1PetralonaAthensSide
Line 1ThissioAthensSide
Line 1Line 3MonastirakiAthensSideIsland
Line 1Line 2OmoniaAthensSpanish solutionSide
Line 1VictoriaAthensSide
Line 1Line 2AttikiAthensSideSide
Line 1Agios NikolaosAthensSide
Line 1Kato PatisiaAthensSide
Line 1Agios EleftheriosAthensSide
Line 1Ano PatisiaAthensSide
Line 1PerissosNea IoniaSide
Line 1PefkakiaNea IoniaSide
Line 1Nea IoniaNea IoniaSide
Line 1IrakleioIrakleioSide
Line 1EiriniMarousiSpanish solution
Line 1MarousiMarousiSide
Line 1KATAthensIsland
Line 1KifisiaKifisiaIsland
Line 2AnthoupoliPeristeriSide
Line 2PeristeriPeristeriSide
Line 2Agios AntoniosPeristeriSide
Line 2SepoliaAthensSide
Line 2Larissa StationProastiakosAthensSide
Line 2MetaxourghioAthensSide
Line 2PanepistimioAthensSide
Line 2Line 3SyntagmaT4 Athens TramT5 Athens TramSideSide
Line 2AkropoliAthensSide
Line 2Syngrou FixT4 and T5 Athens TramAthensSide
Line 2Neos KosmosT4 and T5 Athens TramAthensSide
Line 2Agios IoannisAthensSide
Line 2DafniDafniSide
Line 2Agios DimitriosAgios DimitriosIsland
Line 2IlioupoliIlioupoliSide
Line 2AlimosAlimosSide
Line 2ArgyroupoliElliniko-ArgyroupoliSide
Line 2EllinikoElliniko-ArgyroupoliSide
Line 3Agia MarinaAgia VarvaraSide
Line 3EgaleoAigaleoIsland
Line 3EleonasAigaleoSide
Line 3KerameikosAthensSide
Line 3EvangelismosAthensSide
Line 3Megaro MousikisAthensSide
Line 3AmbelokipiAthensSide
Line 3PanormouAthensSide
Line 3KatehakiAthensSide
Line 3Ethniki AmynaAthensIsland
Line 3HolargosPapagou-CholargosSide
Line 3NomismatokopioChalandriSide
Line 3Agia ParaskeviChalandriSide
Line 3ChalandriChalandriSide
Line 3Doukissis PlakentiasProastiakosChalandriSide
Line 3PalliniProastiakosPalliniIsland
Line 3Paiania-KantzaProastiakosPeaniaIsland
Line 3KoropiProastiakosKropiaIsland
Line 3Athens International AirportProastiakosSpata-ArtemidaIsland

Tickets, Fees, and Timetables of Athens Subway

Athens Metro Tickets and Fees

Metro tickets are available at the Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines (ATIMs) in all metro and tram stations. You can also find them in Ticket Offices.

Also, you can use the same ticket for all types of public transport in Athens. A single ticket costs €1,40. Athens metro ticket is valid for 90 minutes as well. 

Here are the all Athens subway fees;

  • One-way ticket: €10
  • Return ticket: €18
  • Tourist ticket for 3-days: €22
  • One-way cut-price tickets (for students, children, and elders older than 65+): €5
  • Children (under 6 years): Free

Metro Athens Timetable

Daily, the metro runs from five a.m. till midnight. The last train departs at 2 a.m. on weekends. On Fridays and Saturdays, the last train departs at 2 a.m. At rush hours, trains arrive around every three minutes and at slowest hours it can be every 5 or 10 minutes. 

For the Athens airport metro line, the timetable is different from the others. The trips from, and to the Airport via Pallini, Peania-Kantza, and Koropi stations are scheduled every 30 minutes on seven days of the week. From Athens airport, the first departure is at 6.30 a.m. and the last departure is at 11.30 p.m.


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