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greek islands near athens

8 Islands Near Athens 

Did you know that there are around 120 inhabited islands in Greece? With its three ports, Greece connects you to many of...
athens lgbt

LGBT+ Travel in Athens: The Essential Guide

One can easily say that Greece is a country that welcomes LGBTQIA+ without any problems. In fact, Greece already legalized homosexuality in...
how safe is greece

Is Athens Safe?

Athens is home to many cultural and historical treasures including the Parthenon and Acropolis. Its witness of history is reflected upon the...
ancient greek philosophers

Famous Greek Philosophers: Top 8

Greece is the cradle of many things such as theatre, democracy, and philosophy. The name “philosophy” comes from the Greek language, meaning...
opening hours greek

Opening Hours in Athens

One of the most visited cities on the planet is Athens. The city is not that big. So, most of the tourist...
greek phrases for travelers

Greek Language for Travelers

Greece is known for its unique natural wonders and vibrant townscape. From the traditional images of stone homes in blue and white...
greek language

Greek Language – Facts and History

Today, at least 13.5 million people speak Greek. The countries where Greek is spoken include Greece, Albania, Cyprus, Turkey, and other countries...
athens metro

Athens Metro Guide – Map, Lines, Tickets

The metro system in Athens has three lines connecting to the tram and bus routes as well as the suburban railway. 

Athens Taxi: All You Need To Know

Athens Taxis are safe and operate 24 hours. They’re also quite affordable and you can easily find a taxi on the streets...

Don’t You Add Santorini To Your Athens Trip Already?

What Makes Santorini Special? All things considered, this may be a well-known subject. This is on the grounds that...