As it is known that Athens is one of the most ancient cities in the world, there is plenty to explore in this city. Offering the modern-day traveler a chance to experience what the world was like over 4,000 years ago alongside with modern vibes of Greek nightlife, contemporary art, and a local Mediterranean culture, Athens’ neighborhoods certainly worth in-depth explorations. Indeed, you should choose your hotel to plan your stay accordingly! Here are some central recommendations.

How about Syntagma?

First of all, Syntagma is a historically rich neighborhood right in the center of the ancient forum of Athens. Its square is home to Greece’s picturesque parliament building, and as such holds great national importance even to this day. You may pay a visit to the National Gardens and some prominent museums including Benaki Museum & Botanic Museum. Furthermore, it’s in a central position where all Athens lies in a short distance, including Acropolis in the vicinity. The square hosts many cultural events and festivities as well. So, don’t overlook the place for the sake of Plaka and Exarcheia, the adjacent districts which are more popular among tourists.

For your stay, Electra Palace Hotel would be a luxury choice, whereas Athens Backpackers would do if you’re searching for a simple hostel. Amalia Hotel is a mid-range choice you may consider.

How to spend time in Monastiraki?

Mostly known for its picturesque square, flea markets, and local diners, Monastiraki offers you the chance to experience a more enveloping, colorful, in-depth vision of the Greek capital. The neighborhood itself is only 10-min away from Acropolis and Plaka on foot, besides, it hosts Hadrian’s Library, Tzistarakis & Fethiye Mosques, Temple of Hephaestus, and Stoa of Attalos for you to discover. On the southern side, the Ancient Agora (the city’s original forum before the modern square) is another destination you may want to take a look at. The northern part opens to Psiri, a place with a good selection of restaurants & bars. There are dozens of independent shops to explore in Psiri as well. The square is surrounded by a busy flea market stands, where you can catch discount deals.

What about staying for the night? Well, The Zellers is a popular choice in the central Monastiraki neighborhood that offers a stunning view of Acropolis from its terrace. Likewise, 360 Degrees is a great hotel situated right in the square with a rooftop bar as well. Alternatively, Metropolis Hotel is a small, neat, and cozy choice with self-sufficient 21 rooms.

Why not enjoy your trip in an elegant, laid-back style in Kifissia?

If you want a central neighborhood in Athens but enjoy a self-contained ambiance with a little bit of distance from the fuss and buzz as well, Kifissia would be a great destination. This district has its ecosystem which means a vivid nightlife in its grounds, away from the excessive crowds. With rich cocktail bars, elegant stores, tree-lined boulevards, and chic cafés, Kifissia carries Beverly Hills vibe right into Athens’ neighborhoods.

If you want to gratify yourself through spending the night in this place, Semiramis Hotel and TwentyOne are the destinations you may consider fo your stay. Theoxenia Palace and Hotel Des Roses are more budget-friendly places whereas the low-priced Pines Hotel and Hotel Chris would allow you to spare much money to spend in clubs.

Discover Plaka’s unique heritage & local ambient

Despite being situated in a crowded city, many of Athens’ neighborhoods give you a vibe like you may feel while visiting idyllic villages. Plaka is the place probably where you can sense it the most. With a distinct identity and a unique atmosphere, it’s one of the oldest in Athens. Tower of the Winds welcomes you at the first look, displaying Plaka’s ancient heritage alongside with Byzantine churches & history museums scattered around. Narrow streets that are closed to traffic will introduce you to the local Greek lifestyle. Just enjoy a walk in paved roads, occasionally stop at tavernas. They lead you to Anafiotika, the heart of the neighborhood.

Hotel Tempi is a good backpacker’s hostel, while Andronis Hotel and Electra Palace would do for a mid-range purse. Centrally located Phaedra Hotel is filled with apartment-style rooms. Another alternative is Home and Poetry with its complimentary boutique style.

Add street culture into the mixture: Exarcheia

Sitting on the outskirts of Athens historical center, but still firmly within the downtown, Exarcheia (also known as Exarhia) is best known for being the site of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising in 1973. 40 years after that political turmoil, and terrors of the military junta, this neighborhood has undergone a total transformation. Without losing its strong and individual personality up to this day, Exarcheia is now home to a coffee culture rather than an anarchist movement. However, magnificent murals and graffitis are still vastly in display. This neighborhood of Athens is a satisfactory option for travelers who want to take a break from tourist-oriented spots and explore suburban underground cultures. Its population consists of lefties, activists, artists, and students.

There are plenty of late-night bars and tavernas. Genteel restaurants like Yiantes and luxury hotels such as Orion & Dryades and Best Western Hotel Museum are also within the district. Jason’s Loft – A minimalistic apartment rental in central Exarcheia can be a cozy dwelling. Athens Connection Apartments keeps you updated through its extensive Wi-Fi networks and Flat Screen TVs.

A distinguished combination of everything: Kolonaki

Meaning ‘little column’ in Greek, this neighborhood of Athens is an amalgamation of all of the best bits of the others. You may find nightlife and cultural heritage as lively as possible in the same pot. The bars of Kolonaki are some of the most upscale and sophisticated in all of Athens. Indeed, a lot of chic stores and designer brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton are present. Lycabettus Hill is the landmark you should visit during the sunset, and there are lots of museums. Besides, Kolonaki is mostly 10-min away from the Syntagma Square on foot.

V-Residence is an apartment complex just 200 meters away from the Lycabettus Hill for your stay in the night. St. George Lycabettus Hotel in Central Kolonaki hosts a rooftop with a swimming pool and en-suite minibars in all rooms. Hotels Alma and Eikon are budget-friendly options for backpackers.

Thiseio: A place to satisfy both your eyes and tongue at the same time

A foodie’s paradise, Thiseio presents some of the best bars and brunch spots in Athens. Furthermore, the beauty of Thiseio is that it borders the capital’s historic heart, so it is close to yet more of Athens’ incredible sites. For instance, The Temple of Hephaestus is an Ancient Greek place of worship that sits just at the foot of the Acropolis. The Sanctuary Of Zeus is a fascinating archaeological museum, and the National Observatory of Athens is rather impressive.

Road from Thiseio via pedestrianized Ermou leads to Keramikos: The ancient cemetery of Athens. From there, you may reach Gazi to taste yet another style of nightlife in Athens.

Thission Penthouse will certainly elevate your spirit with its en-suite rooms, private hot-tubs, and stunning views. Acropolis Luxury Apartment can host up to 7 seven people in its spacious rooms, so it’s ideal for groups or families.


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