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Did you know that there are around 120 inhabited islands in Greece? With its three ports, Greece connects you to many of these islands. There are also Greek islands close to Athens that people go on a day trip or for a long holiday. Usually, you can reach these islands within an hour or two via a ferry. To reach other islands far away from Athens, you can hop on a domestic flight. 

In this guide, you’ll get to know about islands close to Athens. Let’s start.


Hydra is an island located in the Saronic Gulf. On this island, motor vehicles are forbidden. For this reason, you can walk, or use a boat, water taxi, or donkey for transportation here. It’s popular with its churches, 18th-century mansions, and architecture as well as its beautiful beaches.

Athens to Hydra ferry takes two hours from the Piraeus port. If you use a speedboat, it takes one and a half hours.

So, Athens to Hydra day trip is an option if you have a tight schedule since it takes a short time to reach there.


  • Historical mansions and museums
  • The monastery of Prophet Elias 
  • Paths for hiking
  • DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art for art exhibitions
  • The convent of Saint Eupraxia

Best Things To Do

  • Walk in the streets
  • Visit museums, try food and drink in cafés and restaurants
  • Go to the beaches of Agios Nikolaos, Bisti, and Limnioniza


Being one of the nearest Greek islands to Athens, Agistri is a popular destination among visitors. From the Piraeus port, it takes around an hour to reach the island by speedboat. Agistri is popular with its villages and beaches. Also, it’s an ideal destination for the ones who look for a quiet place. The island is only five minutes away from Aegina. 


  • Aponisos and Dragonera beaches 
  • Skala resort with a beach and tourist facilities

Best Things To Do

  • Swim, dive, or snorkel in the waters
  • Visit beaches like Mariza and Halikiada
  • Cycle and go hiking on the island


A close island to Athens, Spetses, is another island where motor vehicles are not allowed. However, you can use a scooter. Via the sea dolphin, it takes two hours and 15 minutes to reach the island. 

Spetses is popular with its neoclassical houses, great museums, Medieval mansions, and perfect beaches. It also provides a cosmopolitan culture for its visitors. 

You can make island day trips from Athens to Spetses for a weekend holiday. People choose to stay here for longer than a weekend as well. There are many things to discover here such as boutique hotels, authentic restaurants, and museums.


  • Agia Anarghiri and Agia Paraskevi beaches 
  • The Spetses Museum and Bouboulina Museum

Best Things To Do

  • Drink coffee in Dapia accompanied by the view of Kosta and Porto Heli
  • Visit a taverna at the Dapia quarter
  • Visit churches at Kasteli which is the oldest neighborhood in the town
  • Swim, cycle, or ride a horse


Poros is another Saronic island that takes place in Athens. On the flying dolphin, it takes one hour and 15 minutes to reach the island. If you choose to travel via speedboat, it takes around one hour. Athens to Paros ferry, on the other hand, takes two and a half hours. 

Poros is made up of two islands called Sferia and Kalavria, and they are linked by an artificial canal. You can discover neoclassical houses and great beaches here. If you don’t have a shortage of time, you can use Paros to Athens ferry on the way back.

In Poros, one of the Greek islands near Athens, you can enjoy tavernas, pine forests, and historical buildings. 


  • Ruins of the Temple of Poseidon
  • The Clock Tower to see the views of the bay
  • Askeli beach 
  • Love Bay
  • The Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi 

Best Things To Do

  • Discover the neoclassical mansions
  • Visit the Archeological Museum 
  • See the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon
  • Go to St George’s Cathedral to see the frescoes

Kea / Tzia

Kea, also known as Tzia, is another Greek island that becomes populous during summer. You can enjoy the island’s beaches and villages when you visit this place. You’ll also find ruins of an ancient temple and a theatre as well. From Lavrio port, the ferry takes one hour to reach Kea. So, you can visit this destination on Greek island tours from Athens as well. You can visit here even as a weekend destination. 


  • The ancient sculpture, Lion of Kea (dating back to 600 BC)
  • Ancient Karthea, a historical and archaeological site

Best Things To Do

  • Visit villages like Vourkari, Korissa, and Otzias
  • Enjoy the beaches of Koundouros and Gialiskari


Andros is a popular island in Greece that boasts a few museums it has. One of them is an archaeological museum, and the other is a museum of contemporary art. There are many beaches and small villages on the island.

Regarding transportation, Athens to Andros ferry takes around two hours. You can reach here from the Rafina port. If you take a fast ferry, you can reach here in one hour as well.


  • Mansions in the island’s capital, Chora
  • The Venetian castle 
  • Cyclades Olive Museum
  • The Archaeological Museum, and Contemporary Art Museum
  • The Panachrantou Monastery

Best Things To Do

  • Hiking: the island has long trails for hiking
  • Visit beaches like Agios Petros, Korthi, or Ormos


Aegina is the nearest island to Athens. From Piraeus, the Athens Aegina ferry, in fact, the sea dolphin, takes 40 minutes to reach this island. 

The island offers many attractions all at once: a museum, a monastery, and beautiful beaches. Marathonas and Kleidi are among these beaches. 


  • The Temple of Aphaia dates back to around 500 BC 
  • The Monastery of Saint Nektarios, and the former capital Paleohora
  • Agios Nektarios Monastery
  • Sanctuary of Aphaia from around 500 BC

Best Things To Do

  • Walk through the Aegina town and its narrow streets
  • Visit the taverns in Aegina
  • Discover the horse-drawn carriages
  • Enjoy beaches like Agia Marina and Klima which have tourist facilities


It’s not as close to Athens as the others we mentioned before but it’s a beautiful island worth seeing. Sail over the Aegean Sea to Mykonos, then dive into the cold waters at Agios Ioannis Beach. Take your time exploring Mykonos Town’s meandering lanes and walking paths that lead you past churches and the blossoming vine of bougainvilleas. Barbouni, the dripping fish in lemon and oil dressing, is a lovely evening dinner on a breezy balcony where bouzouki song plays late and ouzo is enjoyed far beyond midnight.


  • Mykonos town
  • The island of Delos
  • Panagia Paraportian
  • Museum of Mykonos

Best Things To Do

  • Discover Chora Windmills
  • Walk around the old port
  • Discover the churches in Mykonos
  • Explore the island’s beaches


Is there any Athens Mykonos ferry?

Yes, there is. However, the ferry Mykonos to Athens takes a longer time compared to the islands listed above. The duration of the boat Athens Mykonos varies from two and a half hours to five hours. 

Is Hydra to Athens ferry fast?

The duration of the Athens ferry to the islands depends on the type of boat/ferry that you choose. Usually, speedboats take less time to reach islands.

How long does Athens to Milos ferry take?

The journey varies from two hours and 45 minutes to three and a half hours for Milos to Athens ferry. 

Corfu, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes are other popular islands in Greece. Here are the durations that the ferries take to reach these islands:

  • Corfu to Athens ferry: One hour and 45 minutes. Athens to Corfu ferry costs around €35-€55.
  • Santorini Athens ferry: Around five hours. Athens Santorini ferry price ranges from €30 to €120.
  • Ferry Athens Crete: Ranges from eight hours to 11 hours. The price of the ferry Crete to Athens ranges from €30 to €160.
  • Rhodes to Athens ferry: Around 15 hours. Athens to Rhodes ferry price ranges from €40 to €190.

How long does Naxos to Athens ferry take?

Athens to Naxos ferry takes three to four hours via highspeed ferries. Find other popular island ferries that depart from Athens below:

  • Athens to Tinos ferry: Takes around four hours and 10 minutes
  • Athens to Ios ferry: Takes four hours via a high-speed ferry.

Is there a ferry Athens to Zakynthos?

There’s no direct ferry from Athens to Zakynthos. However, you can reach the island from the port of Killini. It takes place on the east of the Peloponnese. The same applies to Athens to Skiathos ferry: no direct ferry from Athens. Yet, you can depart from the port of Agios Konstantinos or Volos in Thessaly. 

So, there you have it: you now know the islands near Athens, what to do there, and how to enjoy your time there. If you have time, definitely pay a visit to these islands!


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