Athens has a rich culture, and its Mediterranean-based cuisine is a crucial part of it. The culinary offers in the city should not be omitted as they will enhance the joy you get from visiting the cultural & historical sites. Here are a couple of spots where you can taste some of the best meals, both unique and traditional, in Athens.


Perched on Lycabettus Hill, one of the highest peaks in Athens, the views from Orizontes are mesmerizing. Mediterranean cuisine that incorporates seasonal ingredients and local produce is plenty. Go for the pork tenderloin with vegetables in feta cheese, honey, and sesame. Romantic dinners can be enjoyed in this high-end spot of privilege with sophisticated aesthetics.

2Funky Gourmet

“Re-think our tradition and strive to create an avant-garde cuisine’ is the motto of the place. Science meets engaging, stimulating, and triggering dining at this Michelin-starred joint. Funky Gourmet’s chefs push boundaries with unique textures, shapes, and tastes thanks to experimentation with molecular menus. Keep in mind that such unique experiences like The Cuttlefish Oreo comes with a blowout price.


Opened in 1957, Strofi is set in a prime location next to the iconic Acropolis rock. Indeed, the view of the Acropolis from Strofi’s roof terrace is among the most impressive you can get. Expect traditional Greek dishes in this high-end restaurant, including meze and the roast lamb wrapped in vine leaves & stuffed with Greek cheese.


This family-run taverna is named after “grapevines”, so expect good wine selections. It has been going strong since 1927, offering Greek nights packed with Mediterranean food, music, and sirtaki. The tis oras – a grilled meat platter – should be asked for. The dish includes biftekia, grilled meat patties seasoned with spices, as well as lamb and pork chops. Prices are mid-range.


Located in Pagrati within walking distance of the Panathenian Marble Stadium and the Acropolis, Spondi is a two Michelin star restaurant. In a historic and blissful setting, the kitchen serves flavors inspired by French gastronomy, preparing artistic plates such as milk-fed lamb in herb cocotte with candied lemon paste, polenta of eggplant-coriander, and smoked garlic balls. Lighting on the stony walls creates an exquisite ambiance.


Varoulko is one of the points that display the best sea-view in the city. The Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarous is known for combining traditional Greek dishes with twisting flavors of seafood to create unique recipes. Minced meat-laden moussaka is made with crayfish in here, while the chef’s pesto pasta has squid in it. The smoked octopus prepared with wild greens called stamnagathi is a must-try in this high-end restaurant. The accompanying view of Mikrolimano harbor is breathtaking.

7O Kostas

Reminding Turkish doner, Gyros are the hamburgers of Greece. They’re hot pittas piled high with grilled meat and stuffed with onion, tomatoes, and lettuce. The texture is juicy, the taste is delicious, and O Kostas does some of the best in Athens. If you want a budget-friendly address of high quality, this can be an option.

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