Whether your kids are big or small, Athens is the perfect city destination to explore as a family at all times of the year. The city itself is a great history teacher. Alongside with the delicious dessert Loukoumades and express food Souvlaki, its cuisine offers A-quality olive oils and Greek yoghurt as healthy snacks. There are lots of cultural activities and exhibitions. So, no need to worry while travelling with your family!

What are the best family-friendly Sunday activities?

Start your leisurely Sunday watching the ceremonial and grand parade of the Evzones dressed in their traditional white kilts (Foustanella) as they march to Hellenic Parliament in Syntagma for the changing of the guard. You don’t have to get up that early, just be there by 10.30 a.m. Your children probably like the ceremonial fashion of the event. Also, a nice way to spend your Sunday morning is exploring the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, where kids may be busy with interactive programs that raise awareness about global problems like diversity and recycling.

Don’t miss Acropolis but discover Plaka on the way as well!

If your kids have read anything about Greek mythology at school, they will be extremely curious to see what this fuss is all about and tell their friends how amazing the Acropolis and the Parthenon are. Start by treading the streets of Plaka for an authentic experience while in Athens with kids. The Museum of School Life and Education sits on the Tripodon Street in Plaka. Next, pay a visit to Temple of Zeus, then climb to Acropolis Hill for the complete experience. There is also an interactive tour designed for young people to explore the Ancient Agora guaranteed to keep kids entertained for at least two hours.

How about exploring an endless selection of museums?

Visit the Acropolis museum and take part in any of the family programs or team up with the kids to do the activities from the family backpack provided by the museum. Family backpacks are available on request which allows families to work together to complete interactive activities as they make their way around the museum. Baby strollers and baby changing facilities are also available free of charge. Children would love to see the museum’s miniature model on the second flor, made from 120,000 pieces of Lego.

Then, let your kids admire their peers’ work in 7.000 pieces of children art in the Children Art Museum They can also get the opportunity to cook their own cookies or make huge water bubbles in the Children Museum. Benaki Museum offers a variety of educational programs adjustable to kids with special needs. Emotions Museum of Childhood in Greece would be a unique museum experience if you’re in Athens with kids.

Enjoy nature while you’re in Athens with kids

For nature lovers, Athens has some hidden assets to offer. Take your kids and wander through the labyrinth-like National Garden of Athens next to Syntagma Square, where they can play in the playground, feed the ducks and discover more than 500 different plants from around the world. The Botanical Museum, a small zoo, and a Children’s Library, also located in the National Garden, are worth a visit, too.

Why not enjoy the company of animals whenever you can?

What originally started as a bird park is now become the habitat of thousands of wildlife species, and is considered by many to be one of the best zoos in Europe. Indeed, Athens Zoological Park offers an outlook to many kind of animals in a well-ordained complex. A wide range of animals from penguins to giraffes and camels ensures that your children enjoy the company here. 

Keep seasonal activities in mind!

Further activities for an experience of Athens with kids include ice-skating in Megaron Athens Concert Hall in winter, Greek dancing festivities in Dora Stratou open air theatre, Christmas Factory at Technopolis, The Church of Agios Georgios’ Easter Processions, Happy Train for sightseeing, and Lycabettus Hill furnicular to carry your family to witness a panoramic sunset view are the other options in a nutshell.


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