What Makes Santorini Special?

All things considered, this may be a well-known subject. This is on the grounds that there is a lot of reasons why Santorini is in the itinerary lists of numerous individuals! 

Its volcanic scene, its sentimental nightfalls, and its stunning perspectives are only some of them. Also, the amphitheatrically assembled towns of Oia and Fira provides completely unadulterated flawlessness! You may really need to squeeze yourself to realize that you are not dreaming! Perhaps the best thing about Santorini is its iconic homes. They are little and white, worked by Cycladic engineering, making a differentiation with the blue encompassing. 

Tip: The most ideal approach to appreciate the stunning perspective on Santorini is to have an espresso or a beverage at one of the numerous overhangs around the island.

The Route to Santorini: Ferries

There are multiple ferry departures day by day, from Athens to Santorini. Indeed, this isn’t amazing, as Santorini is such a famous “go to” location in the entire Mediterranean sphere. Concerning your purse, a ferry from Athens to Santorini costs around 20 € to 70 €. Additionally, it will take you to Santorini in 5 to 8 hours (the distance is 235 km), contingent upon its sort (ordinary or express). 

Ferry lines to Santorini withdraw both from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina, in Athens. You can pick which one serves you better, contingent upon the routes from each port. When it comes to the ferry lines making a trip to Santorini, Blue Star Ferries, SeaJets, Hellenic Seaways, and Golden Starships are the prominent ones.

Between April-October there are in excess of 7 ships per day from Athens to Santorini (from Piraeus port) and 2 ships every day from Athens to Santorini (from Rafina port); there are far fewer ships alternatives in the winter (November-March). You can reserve a place in a ferry online (through letsferry.com) yet you always need to get the ticket printed out from the Kiosk in Piraeus port (Athens port) or some other greek travel service agencies, according to the law) – AKTINA TRAVEL AGENCY can be a good option at Athens Airport.

Route to Santorini: By Plane

Arriving at Santorini by getting a plane from Athens is a fast and simple approach to arrive at the island. The Athens air terminal has genuinely continuous departures to Santorini on a modest bunch of aircraft. Heading out to Santorini by plane from Athens is the quickest method to arrive at the island. It is ideal to book your flight ahead of schedule to get the best cost and guarantee your chosen flight doesn’t top off. A flight from Athens approximately takes 50 minutes.

Aegean Air, Olympic Air ,and Ryanair consistently orchestrate flights from Athens to Santorini leaving 5.15 am in the morning to 11.15 pm at night in high season. You can use kayak.com or expedia.com to book flights.

Santorini has a little air terminal that only administers a specific couple of airlines, so most guests coming to the island had to stop in Athens prior to proceeding to Santorini via plane or ship. During the top season, some big European cities may offer direct trips to Santorini. The air terminal in Santorini is located near significant attractions like Kamari, Fira, and Oia, making it simple to get to your last destination in Santorini.


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