Greece may be known for its Ouzo, but thanks to its great vineries, the country offers exceptional wines as well. Here are the five of them. Feel free to engage with many more obscure local blends.

Malagousia Ktima Gerovassiliou

Vangelis Gerovassiliou is likely Greece’s most regarded winemaker, with a few top wines in his reach. His domain, on the edges of Thessaloniki in the moving slopes of Epanomi, is one of the most excellent in Greece. It’s definitely justified even despite a visit, for its dazzling wines as well as for its historical center which houses one of the world’s biggest assortments of wine tools (5000 and tallying). Gerovassiliou is credited with sparing the Malagousia grape from elimination—presently the most cutting-edge varietal in Greece. His 100% Malagousia has a ground-breaking citrusy nose, exquisite and sudden in its force. Mouth-feel is fat and rich because of the wise utilization of oak. A lovely white wine, delightfully bundled, this makes the ideal blessing to bring home.

Samos Vin Doux, Samos Coop

The local winery operating on the island of Samos has a broad scope of wines, all made from the Muscat grape. However, none of them is as delicious as their Vin Doux. The expression “fluid daylight” might be old, however it unquestionably is to be found in this container of nectar, which typifies flawlessly the sun-doused patios of Samos. Given the extreme joy this sweet white wine ensures at just €6, it must be extraordinary compared to other purchases emerging from the Greek grape plantation.

Sigalas Santorini

Santorini wines have accomplished the business’ sacred goal: setting up a taste that isn’t just one of a kind however ascribable to the wine’s provenance―in this case, the volcanic soils of this abnormal Cycladic island. Because of their articulated mineral taste, Santorini wines are the dears of sommeliers and wine buffs the world over and have become the true wine diplomats of Greece. Winemaker Paris Sigalas is a specialist at making the Assyrtiko grape sparkle (and sing). Sigalas wines are in every case all around made, reliable and benevolent. His course reading Santorini Assyrtiko is steely-dry yet fruity, mouth-filling and suggestive, a presentation of intensity without animosity. A white wine that creates wonderment.


Agiorghitiko comes generally from the locale of Nemea but at the same time is filled in Attika and Macedonia.and is the most broadly planted grape in Greece. The wine can be a dull and fruity red like a Merlot, or it very well may be light and rose like. Called the Wine of Saint George, it is otherwise called the Blood of Hercules dependent on the legend of the Greek saint killing the Nemean lion. The best are the Tselepos 2011 Driopi Classic Agiorgitiko from Nemea, the Gaia Wines 2008 Gaia Estate Agiorgitiko, likewise from Nemea or the more efficient Voyatzis 2011 Kyklos Agiorgitiko from the Peloponessos. In the event that you can think that its get the Megapanos Nemea matured in oak barrels for a year, however you may need to go to Greece to get it. Monemvasia Winery sends out an Agioritiko to the USA.

Tear of the Pine Retsina, Kechris Winery

Retsina is a fragile subject in the realm of Greek wine in light of the fact that endless individuals outside Greece distinguish neighborhood wines with pine-enhanced plonk, to the impediment of the apparent multitude of other great wines currently being made. There aren’t that numerous retsinas around and unquestionably very few energizing ones. Stelios Kechris is the retsina expert and his Tear of the Pine, produced using the Assyrtiko grape in northern Greece, is a shocking case of an advanced retsina that will overwhelm you. The Assyrtiko comes through pleasantly, mixing in a strange path with the pine sap to make something unique. This dry white wine ages uncommonly well.

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