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What is a typical breakfast in Greece? Well, there’s not one unique breakfast to be called Greek breakfast. It’s true that Greece offers variety when it comes to breakfast foods. 

It’s also true that you can find different types of certain breakfast food in different regions in Greece.  

In a typical Greek breakfast, you’ll find cheese, eggs, bread, and pastries. People in Greece usually pair them with coffee or milk. You can also find yogurt, honey, pies, and fruits on a breakfast table as well. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with an answer to the question “What do Greeks eat for breakfast?” Let’s start. 

What Do Greeks Eat for Breakfast?

One can definitely say that Greek people love having breakfast. In the list below, you can find the types of Greek breakfast, cooked with several ingredients.



Spanakopita is basically a spinach pie. People prepare the pie by adding certain ingredients besides spinach. It’s possible to fill the dough with some herbs, cheese, potato, and onion. The dough of Spanakopita is usually crispy and soft at the same time. It’s also possible to see the ingredients wrapped in puff pastry as well.  

Koulouri Thessalonikis (Koulouri)

Koulouri is street food in Greece, also known as simit in Turkey. This Greek breakfast food comes from Thessaloniki, taking its name from its birthplace. Koulouri is basically a kind of crispy bread, shaped as a ring and topped with sesame. The inside of this Greek breakfast food is soft, as opposed to its outside. Its dough is made with wheat flour. 

It’s a good alternative for people who need to rush to their work or school. It’s easy to eat on the road, and it can be found easily on the street. 

Spoon Sweets

Spoon sweet is another type of breakfast in Greece. These are fruits boiled with syrup and served on a teaspoon. Greeks usually consume it with Greek coffee. It’s also possible to eat it on toast. This typical Greek breakfast is another alternative for the ones who prefer a quick breakfast. 

The fruits used for spoon sweets include pigs, berries, strawberries, and oranges. 

Greeks serve this dish when they also host their guests in their homes. 


Omeletta is another famous traditional Greek breakfast. It’s different from the French omeletta though. Omeletta includes eggs, vegetables like peppers, and potatoes. They bake all these ingredients until they are ready. 

Staka with eggs (Staka me ayga)

Staka me ayga is a Cretan food served for breakfast in Greece. It’s a mainly fried or poached egg with staka. Staka is a buttery cream made from milk and flour. You can eat staka with eggs slices of tomato, and pepper as well. You can pair it with bread as well. 

Kagianas (Strapatsada)

This one is known as Kagianas or Strapatsada. Greeks cook it with tomatoes, herbs, and scrambled eggs with olive oil. You can also add oregano or basil as additional herbs. On top of it, they put some feta cheese. You can find this traditional Greek breakfast anywhere in the country. 


Sfakianopita is a Cretan food made with unleavened dough. Sfakianopita is made with layers of this dough and whey cheese. The cheese is not put inside the pie but it’s kneaded with the dough. Other ingredients include flour, salt, olive oil, water, and raki (tsikoudia). The shape of Sfakianopita is similar to a crepe. The dough is then fried. 

Feta, Eggs, and Veggies

This one is a rich Greek breakfast that includes many veggies such as tomatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini. Greeks also put some onion and garlic inside the dish as well. You can also put some milk and mix them all inside a bowl. It’s possible to cook the egg as scrambled or as an omelet. 

Yogurt with Honey

Yogurt with honey is another quick alternative for breakfast in Greece. It’s easy to prepare and quite healthy. Put some honey and a few fresh fruits on top of it, and it’s ready.


What are the staples of a traditional Greek breakfast?

A traditional Greek breakfast typically consists of feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, bread (preferably pita or sourdough), eggs cooked in various ways, honey or jam, and Greek yogurt

What is served for coffee during a Greek breakfast? Greek coffee is a traditional staple at breakfast time in Greece. It is made by boiling finely ground beans in water with sugar and spices to give it a unique flavor. Other more common coffees such as cappuccino or espresso may also be served alongside the Greek variety.

Is breakfast eaten alone or with family in Greece?

Breakfast in Greece is usually enjoyed with family or friends rather than eating alone. It’s also common to offer visitors warm hospitality by providing them with something to eat during this mealtime.

Are there any vegan options available during a Greek breakfast?

Yes! Plant-based ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables are often served as part of a traditional Greek breakfast alongside proteins like hard-boiled eggs and nuts. Additionally, many restaurants now offer vegan-friendly alternatives such as tofu scramble or vegan croissants for those who do not consume animal products.

How can I incorporate more Greek flavors into my breakfast routine?

Adding ingredients like feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, oregano, olive oil, and honey to your morning meal can help add a more Mediterranean flavor to your breakfast. You can also try different types of bread such as pita or sourdough for an authentic Greek experience.

What beverages are traditionally served with a Greek breakfast?

Coffee is the most popular beverage to accompany a traditional Greek breakfast. You may also find ouzo or other spirits as well as juices and teas being served as accompaniments.

What are some tips for creating a nutritious Greek breakfast?

A good way to create a nutritious breakfast with traditional Greek flavors is to combine protein and complex carbohydrates. One example would be eggs and grilled vegetables with whole-wheat pitas or toast. Additionally, adding fruits and nuts can provide healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals to your meal. Lastly, you can use olive oil as the main cooking fat of choice to give your breakfast an extra dose of flavor while also providing antioxidants and other health benefits.


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