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Greece is known for its unique natural wonders and vibrant townscape. From the traditional images of stone homes in blue and white colors, everyone immediately relates it with Greece. We strongly advise you to try learning the common phrases and expressions before you visit the country. So, you can explore the country like an expert, more understand the great heritage and connect more deeply with the locals. Thus, we prepare a Greek travel phrases cheat sheet just for you. 

First, we should look at the Greek alphabet to understand our greek words list better.

Greek Alphabet

CapitalSmallEnglish Sounds
Αα a in father
Ββ  v in Victor
Γγ  y in yes or   the w in wad
Δδ  th in this
Εε  e in bet
Ζζ  z in zebra
Ηη  ee in beet
Θθ  th in think
Ιι  ee in beet
Κκ  c in car
Λλ  l in lemon
Μμ  m in mother
Νν  n in no
Ξξ  x in ax
Οο  o in only
Ππ  p in poor
Ρρ  r in rain
Σσ,ς**  s in see
Ττ  t in top
Υυ  ee in beet
Φφ  f in Frank
Χχ  h in hair
Ψψ  ps in lips
Ωω  o in only

Basic Greek Phrases 


You should learn the fundamentals of Greek greetings to make your vacation far more enjoyable.  You can find the basic phrases like good afternoon and good evening in Greek or Merry Christmas in Greek. For informal conversations, the greetings and phrases listed below are excellent.

In EnglishIn Greek Pronunciation
How are you?Τι κανείςTi kaneís
Hello / GoodbyeΓειά σουGeiá sou
Nice to meet you!Χάρηκα πολύ Chárika polý
Good morning ΚαλημέραKaliméra
Good afternoon/eveningΚαλό απόγευμαKaló apógevma
Thank youΕυχαριστώEfcharistó
You are welcome / pleaseΠαρακαλώ Parakaló
See youΤα λέμεTa léme
Sorry! / Excuse me!ΣυγνώμηSygnómi
I’m doing well, and you?Είμαι καλά, εσύ?Eímai kalá, esý?
I don’t understandΔεν καταλαβαίνωDen katalavaíno
Marry Christmas!Καλά ΧριστούγενναKala Christougena

Common Greek Travel Phrases

Of course, you can speak English while you are visiting the popular tourist destinations in Greece. However, it will be better if you know some expressions to connect with the locals. Also, you will have a better understanding of the great history of Greece and its rich culture. 

In EnglishIn Greek Pronunciation
How much is…?Πόσο κάνει…Póso kánei…
Where is…?Που είναι…Pou eínai…
May I please have…?Θα μπορούσα να έχω…Tha boroúsa na écho…
I don’t eat…Δεν τρώωDen tróo
I’m a vegetarianΕίμαι χορτοφάγοςEímai chortofágos
the bill, pleaseΤον λογαριασμό παρακαλώTon logariasmó parakaló
Do you speak English?Mιλάτε Αγγλικά;Miláte Angliká?
CheersΣτην υγειά μαςStin ygeiá mas
Straight aheadΌλο ευθείαÓlo eftheía
Turn leftΣτρίψτε αριστεράStrípste aristerá
Turn rightΣτρίψτε δεξιάStrípste dexiá
Bus stopΣτάση λεωφορείουStási leoforeíou
Train stationΣτάση τρένουStási trénou
I love GreeceΑγαπώ την ΕλλάδαAgapó tin Elláda

Common Emergency Greek Phrases

Sometimes trips don’t go according to plans and we may find ourselves having trouble. Generally, you can call 112 (EU emergency phone number) and tell them what is happening. However, if you cannot communicate with anyone in English, just in case you should know some basic phrases for an emergency. You can take note of them to use in such cases.

In EnglishIn Greek Pronunciation 
I need a doctorΧρειάζομαι ένα γιατρόChreiázomai éna giatró
I don’t feel wellΔεν αισθάνομαι καλάDen aisthánomai kalá
Call the police!Καλέστε την αστυνομίαKaléste tin astynomía
Police!αστυνομία! astynomía!
There is an emergency!υπάρχει μια κατάσταση έκτακτης ανάγκης!ypárchei mia katástasi éktaktis anánkis!
Ambulanceασθενοφόρο! asthenofóro!
I am sickΕίμαι άρρωστοςEímai árrostos
I need helpΧρειάζομαι βοήθειαChreiázomai voítheia
The hospitalτο νοσοκομείοto nosokomeío
I have a headacheΈχω ένα πονοκέφαλοÉcho éna ponokéfalo
I have a coldΈχω κρύωμαÉcho krýoma

If you want to learn more, you can read our Is Athens Safe? article.

We hope that by the time we come to this section of common Greek phrases, you’ve got a basic understanding of the local language in Greece. If you want to dig in deeper, don’t forget to check our Greek Language article. 


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