Athens is a 7/24 city. Thanks to Siesta culture, nights go long and wild. Catch a drink and join the scene!

1Start wandering around

Take a nighttime tour of city to enjoy Athens by night, with a local guide and discover the myths and legends in some of the city’s most famous, bustling neighbourhoods. Explore the best hidden gems and enjoy folktales that you won’t find in the guidebooks. Your company will mostly be local beverages. You can try to get a glimpse of the Panathenaic Stadium once it’s lighted.

2Local drinks are elegant

No night by Athens is complete without having sampled traditional Greek spirits such as ouzo, tsipouro or raki (we advise against mixing all three in one evening). Indeed, The Clumsies in Athens is one of the best bars in the world and heading there to enjoy a signature cocktail is highly recommended. Inside, there is always an upbeat mood and it’s easy to spend a few hours by just watching people dancing or hanging out within the bar’s chic interiors.

3Why not smash a plate?

For an authentic experience, you may head to a traditional Greek restaurant to make the most of the flavours and ambiance. Throughout Plaka there are great spots with Bouzouki & Rembetiko music and a celebratory approach to Greek feasting. For the perfect Greek fiesta, head to Adrianos where you may smash your plate as an integral part of an evening experience in this spot. Make sure to practice your ‘ooopas!’ before.

4Keep in mind that wine is also important in Greek culture

Alternatively visit the oldest distillery in Athens by night: Brettos Bar, which is operating since 1909. The nostalgic smell of wood with wine, the 104-year-old wooden barrels, the relaxing music, and delicately decorated bar that is bordering on vintage are the reasons why you should add this bar to your bucket list. 

5Fetch some meze

As you immerse yourself with local drinks, you cannot possibly pass on the chance to try a meze dinner accompanied by Greek wine and local tunes. The perfect place to do so is in the neighborhood of Psirri: The artsy neighbourhood of the working class.

6Witness Acropolis’ inspiring awe from a rooftop this time

If you are in the mood for a cocktail after a long day of wandering, there are various rooftop bars to choose from, which will give you the opportunity to sip your drink while enjoying a breathtaking, panoramic view of Athens. If you want to go completely off the beaten path, equally unknown to locals as well, three minutes away from Monastiraki square, you can find a trendy hostel that has one of the best panoramas of the city. It has reasonably-priced cocktails & drinks alongside with a vibrant community to complete the ambiance: AthenStyle.

7Enjoy open-air cinema in Mediterranean breeze

If you find yourself in Plaka during your trip in Athens by night, make sure to drop by Cine Paris, one of the oldest open-air cinemas in Athens, dating back to the 1920s. The most emblematic open-air cinema, however, is Thision, being the ultimate summer destination for movie-fanatics since 1935.

8Stimulate your artsy side

Speaking of films, the art scene in Athens is also vibrant and lively. On almost any day of the week you may find an exhibiton opening in some part of Athens. Be a part of the cultural network by checking out the emerging, contemporary and established talent in Athens. Websites such as Und Athens have comprehensive schedules you may consult. Furthermore, TAF (The Art Foundation) is an old backyard turned into an art exhibition and it’s a very well hidden cafe-bar in the center of Athens. It’s the perfect place to enjoy exhibitions, art, a coffee or a drink. There’s also music in company, A-quality wines, and a nice bunch of appetizers.


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