The Numismatic Museum of Athens is one of the two oldest museums in the city. The other one is the National Archaeologic Museum. The Numismatic Museum of Athens is established in 1834. Yet, the exhibitions take place in a newer building which is also older than a century. The architectural gem is built between the years 1878 and 1880. It is designed by the German architect, Ernst Ziller. The name of the building is Iliou Melathron. In Greek, it means the Palace of Troy.

The Numismatic Museum of Athens includes more than 600,000 coins. However, the importance of this museum is beyond its coin collection. The collection is also the projection of the history of Athens. Offering information about the culture, politics, and economics of the city throughout millennia, The Numismatic Museum of Athens is a historical encyclopedia built in stones. The museum stands as one of the most numismatic museums in the entire world.

What is in The Numismatic Museum of Athens?

The Numismatic Museum of Athens, apart from coins, involves lead bullae, seals, medals, gems, and treasures. The collection of the museum dates back to Ancient Greece. Yet, it also includes contemporary and 20th-century examples. 

The exhibit consists of two floors. The first one walks visitors through the minting process of coins in Ancient Greece. The second floor shows the minting process in other parts of the world throughout history. The exhibit has Roman, Byzantian, Medieval and contemporary coins. The Numismatic Museum of Athens also has a section that informs the current coins in usage throughout the world.

The Location of The Numismatic Museum of Athens

The Numismatic Museum of Athens is located on Panepistimiou Street at number 12. The closest metro station to the museum is the Syntagma station on lines two and three. Visitors may also get off at Panepistimou station on line two. The museum is only 250 meters away from Syntagma Square. So, it is very central and easy to reach.

The Working Hours and The Pricing of The Numismatic Museum of Athens

The Numismatic Museum of Athens works between 8 am and 8 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. On Sundays, it opens at 8.30 am and closes at 3 pm. On Mondays, it opens at 1.30 pm and closes at 8 pm.

The full ticket for entrance costs three euros. The reduced ticket to The Numismatic Museum of Athens, on the other hand, costs two euros.

For more detailed information and answers to specific questions, visitors may call (+30) 210 363 20 57.


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