Athens markets offer different types of products while they introduce you to the local life. From fresh food to handmade products or books, anything is available in the Athenian market. Visiting these markets contributes to the local economy and it also offers unique gifts for you to buy. 

In this guide, you’ll find the most popular flea markets, thrift stores in Athens, and Athens antique stores to explore. 

Let’s start to discover Athens markets. 

Athens Central Market (Varvakios Agora)

Athens Central Market is the largest food market in Athens. The market includes both restaurants and stores to buy fresh products. The restaurants here cook the meals prepared with these products in this market. 

You can find fish, meat or various spices in this Athens market. Vegetables, herbs, and nuts are other products you can buy here. It is one of the best Athens food markets. Prices are also cheap in Varvakios. Locals buy ingredients, especially before Easter and Christmas. So, the best shopping in Athens Greece can be done in this market.

The market is between Monastiraki Square and Omonia Square on Athinas Street.

From Monday to Saturday, the opening hours are between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. It’s closed on Sundays.

Address: Athinas, Athens 105 51, Greece

Eleonas Flea Market (The Scavenger’s Flea Market)

The market is hosted by the Scavengers Association on Salaminias Street. What was the market called in Athens? Eleonas Flea Market is usually known as The Scavengers’ Flea Market. It takes place every week on Sundays. 

You can find anything you can imagine in this flea market in Athens. These include shoes, CD players, DVDs, cassettes, jewelry, radios, old watches, and whatnot. Even irons and bicycles or video games… You can make bargains on these products because no fixed prices are available for them.

Address: 30 Agias Annis, Egaleo, 182 33, Greece

Thissio Flea Market 

Thissio Flea Market begins from the metro station of Thissio and reaches Apostolou Pavlou street. You’ll find many small benches throughout the pedestrian way.

Its opening hours differ according to seasons and days of the week. The market offers almost anything a flea market offers. It includes handmade jewelry, antique items, leather bags, and many others.

The market leads you to great destinations like Acropolis and Andrianou Street. You can enjoy food and drinks in cafes and restaurants here. In this way, you’ll be able to discover the Acropolis market as well.

Address: Ag. Asomaton, Athens 105 55, Greece

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

This is not a flea market but it has this spirit. You’ll find products like leather bags, Athens antiques, paintings, clothes, and handmade Greek-style sandals. You also have the opportunity to watch the local artisans making them. Second-hand items are also available in Monastiraki Flea Market.

Another attraction of this market is that you can rest in lots of cafés and restaurants around here after shopping. 

There’s also another popular market in this market called Sunday Market of Athens. It takes place in Avissinias Square every Sunday. This is the famous antique market in Athens.

Monastiraki Flea Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday opening from 9 a.m. It’s easy to reach: get off at the ‘Monastiraki’ metro and railway station, and you’re there.

Address: Ifestou 2, Athens 105 55, Greece

Laiki Agora in Kallidromiou Street

Laiki agora means a farmer’s market in English. These markets are available in different parts of the country. They aim to support local farmers to sell their products at an affordable price. Here in this market, you’ll find various vegetables and fruits as well as spices and herbs. Dried nuts and fish are other tastes offered in Laiki agora in Kallidromiou Street. 

The market opens at 7 a.m. and closes at around 3 p.m. It guarantees you to find fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the prices are quite cheap compared to the quality of products.

Address: Kallidromiou, Athens 114 73, Greece

Piraeus Flea Market

Piraeus Flea Market is one of the best markets in Athens Greece. It takes place every Sunday. So, what time does the Athens flea market close? It’s open from early in the morning until afternoon. Bargaining is also possible in the market like most other flea markets in Athens. 

Several products are available in this market including household items, books, clothes, and furniture. The flea market offers a colorful place for its visitors.

It’s easy to reach from the Piraeus metro station. In a near seafood taverna, you can take a rest after shopping in this Athens Greece flea market. 

Address: El. Venizelou 10, Pireas 185 31, Greece

Schisto Flea Market

Schisto Flea Market takes place in the west of Athens, every Sunday. This one offers bigger products compared to the other markets we mentioned above. For example, motorbikes and second-hand cars are available in this flea market Athens. Even animals like chickens for farms can be found in this market.

Clothes, tools, and carpets are other products that you can see here. As expected, bargaining is a part of shopping in Schisto Flea Market as well. There are also wandering food sellers in this market that sell street food for visitors. 

Address: Leof. Schistou Skaramagka 102, Perama 188 63, Greece

Evripidou Street Market

This one is at the very center of Athens. You can find herbs like mint, tea, chamomile as well as dried fruits. These include pineapple, raspberries, dates, blueberries, raisins, and many others. The sellers also offer products coming from Mt Olympus and Taigetos. 

Dairy products such as kasseri cheese or the traditional Greek feta are other tastes you should try here. 

Fish like hake and herring are also available in this market for you to try. 

Address: Evripidou Street, Athens, Greece

Kypseli Municipal Market

Kypseli Municipal Market is an achievement of collaboration by the residents. It was originally founded in 1935 and reopened in 2018.

You can find stores like Wise Greece in this market. It promotes really high-quality Greek products. In addition, it also raises money for people in need. There’s also the Flower Power social florist as well. 

If that’s not enough for you, the market also provides workshops for cultural classes and an art gallery. 

Address: Negri Fokionos 42, Athens 113 61, Greece


Lastly, we present you Plaka. It’s not a usual flea market, however, it provides several shops for tourists and other visitors. It’s a popular place among residents. You can buy souvenirs from small boutiques here. In addition, you’ll find handmade products such as postcards, too. Besides these products, several art items, jewels, bags, and shoes waiting for their buyers. 


What time does Athens flea market close?

It’s open from early in the morning and closes in the afternoon.

Is there markets in Greece?

People’s marketplaces may be found all over Greece, as any town with a total population of approximately 500 people can have its local laiki agora.

What are markets called in Greece?

A market is called in Greece agora.


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