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Greece is a country that boasts its favorable climate, a rooted and great culture, and many architectural beauties. Tourists and expats choose to visit this beautiful country thanks to these qualities. 

While some visit Greece for a short time, some others prefer to work for jobs in Greece for English speakers. In this way, they prefer to live in Greece for a long time. 

Since the financial crisis of 2007, the country has been improving its economy in a promising way. Sectors like tourism, mining, petroleum, and food are the ones that make up most of the jobs in Greece. Immigrants are included in these sectors as well. 

Let’s get to know more about the types of jobs and the ways for expats to find jobs in Greece.

Types of Jobs in Athens Greece for Foreigners

The service sector in Greece generates millions of employees, which makes it include the biggest industries here. Besides this, work in Greece for English speakers includes teaching, agriculture, childcare, and tourism. Especially the tourism sector is promising thanks to millions of tourists visiting Greece. Also, it makes up one-fifth of the GDP in Greece. Immigrants also work in construction jobs, the textile industry, and tobacco making as well.

Some of the popular jobs for foreigners include guides, bartenders, and waiters. In the agriculture sector, the popular job is being a picker of olives, grapes, and so on. In terms of unskilled labor, housekeeping, nursing, and nursemaiding are also popular jobs.

For more well-paid united nations jobs Greece, you need some work experience and qualifications, and proficiency in language skills. 

Finding Jobs For Foreigners in Greece

As an English speaker, you can find jobs in both multinational and Greek companies which do business with non-Greek companies. Communication is provided through the English language in such companies. 

Still, speaking Greek to some extent is always advisable to be able to talk to locals, too. Also, some jobs require a level of Greek in addition to English. 

Finding jobs in Athens Greece for English speakers and expats is possible in certain ways. One of them is intracompany transfer. The other is through recruitment agencies and local businesses. You can also apply directly to an employer. In addition, newspapers and job portals, too, publish job postings as well.

The procedure to be employed in Greece is similar to the procedures conducted in many countries. Usually, you fill in the application form, provide your CV and sometimes a cover letter. Then, you’re invited for interviews, and you may be invited more than once for interviews. Referrals usually work for getting a good job in Greece.

Some Platforms To Find Jobs in Greece

You can take a look at the job search websites below to apply for jobs in Greece. Some of the popular ones are: 

To find jobs in Athens for English speakers, you can check some Greek newspaper sites like:

Other recruitment agencies that work with companies include:

  • Elpida Job
  • HRStrategy
  • Manpower Greece, and
  • Job and Practice

EU and Non-EU Citizens

There are certain immigration laws in Greece that you need to abide by as an EU or non-EU citizen. 

For instance, it’s an easier process for EU citizens to come and start working in Greece. They’re not required to prove special documents to work, live or study in Greece. 

On the other hand, jobs in Greece for US citizens, for instance, are more difficult to get. Non-EU citizens need to register themselves before arriving in Greece. For this, they need to provide and conduct various documents, forms, and interviews. Also, their employers need to apply for work permits on their behalf. So, to not bother themselves, employers usually don’t hire such citizens.

Salaries in Greece

Officially, the minimum wage in Greece is €758.33. It varies according to some factors like profession and age. The amount of minimum wage is higher compared to many European countries. 

On average, a worker earns around €2,800 a month. This, again, varies depending on experience, education, and skills.


Is it possible to find hotel jobs in Greece for English speakers?

Yes, hotel jobs like being a waiter and housekeeper are available for English speakers in Greece. 

Are there jobs in Greece for Indians?

There are available Greece jobs for Indian citizens and other non-EU citizens. 

What are the summer jobs in Greece for English speakers?

You can work in temporary jobs such as being a waiter, guide, or bartender in Greece.


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