When the famous Acropolis was built in the 6th century BC, Athens put shopping experience into a context, making it the visual and tactile hobby it is today. Modern day Athens has taken over from this fine tradition: With its buzzy flea markets, high-end stores sorted in streets, conceptual boutiques and large department malls, Athens can provide you with grandeur in shopping.

1Monastiraki Flea Market

This place is for the people who are looking for souvenirs/memorials to buy for their loved ones back at home, or who want to do really cheap shopping of authentic leather goods. You can explore this beautiful place while taking a walk down from the square and find some really amazing handicraft materials to purchase. Moreover, you can refresh your bargaining skills.

2Attica Department Store

This iconic building, The Megaro (Mansion in Greek), has graced Athens since the 1930s, identified with the Syntagma Square as a landmark and meeting spot. Now, thanks to its renovation, it is an eight-floor, 300,000 square foot shopping utopia which carries major international brands and designers, complemented by an experienced and professional management team. It also has VIP shopping assistants to make you feel even more elegant.

3Protogenous Street

If you are a lover of unique shopping, or sytlistic approach in concept, this is the best place to go to provide you with the vintage stuff. The clothes and accessories available in this place are trendy and updated. You can have an amazing time picking clothes for yourself as there are items from not just Greece but also from the different corners of the world.

4The Golden Hall

Situated in the main shopping district of Kifissia, the Golden Hall is three levels and 441,300 square feet of modern design and atmospheric decoration. Its motto is “customers should be treated to their full potential.”, and it’s realized by winning the 2010 European Shopping Center Award. The complex is home to 131 shops boasting world-renowned brands, a food hall without rival in Europe featuring top restaurants, cafés and bars run by highly skilled, ready-to-please staff.


From signature clothes to scented candles, this is the one of the biggest high-end stores in the city. Your meticulous search to do luxury shopping in Athens will definitely make you drop by this must-see destination dedicated for it. You can bag a number of luxury items that speak of the value they hold in their looks itself. This is the place if you want to buy a one-time elegant item for a special person during your trip.


This restaurant in Athens offers you a large variety of delicacies to take back home as souvenirs and also serves you the best Greek cuisine. After visiting the shopping district in Athens, you must end up here so as to cater to the needs of your demanding stomach. It is a great place for edible gifts. Indeed, they can satisfy curious questions on the famous Greek cuisine.

7Patriarchou Ioakim

The place to ensure that your luxury shopping in Athens done properly is this costliest shopping street of Athens. Here you can explore a chain of showrooms that display luxury items so as to whet the appetite of those who love to spend extravagantly. If you have a puffy purse not only for touring but also shopping in Athens, you can allow yourself to be glamourized by the endless selections presented in this street.

8Retrosexual Vintage Shop

If you like to see things in retrospect through an old-school soul, and your heart still longs for the unique designs from the past, then this retro store is the place where you could fulfill all your desires to shop vintage stuff. Aside from the clothes, there are lots of items carrying that nostalgic touch.


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