The typical high season of tourism in Athens is summer. Millions of tourists visit Athens during summer every year. Yet, summer is not the only time when Athens is amazing. The overwhelming crowds leave the city in autumn. To explore the city center more in detail, autumn is more ideal than summer. Also, the sun still warms the Greek capital until November. Tourists and locals enjoy the beaches and the outdoor life of Athens throughout autumn. So, autumn in Athens is nothing short of summer. It is still a great time to visit Athens without the crowds and Mediterranean heat.

September in Athens

Athens enjoys the summer sun well into September. Beaches are still a great option. The outdoor nightlife of the city is as vibrant as it is in summer. There are also other specific things that can be done in September. One of the popular spots in the city is the National Observatory of Athens. The landmark is located on the Hill of the Nymphs. It is a great place to spend time and observe the stars that inspired the Greek mythology. There is also an annual pistachio festival in September at Aegina. It is called the Fistiki Fest. The event is full of fun activities and delicious pistachio-tasting.

October in Athens

Athens hosts the Tweed Run every year in October. The event takes place in Spetses, one of the Greek islands. The event involves vintage costumes and cycling throughout Spetses. Exploring the beauties of the island in Tweed Run is a great autumn activity. Visitors may also rent a mountain bike and cycle through the Mount Parnitha. With great hiking routes and trails, Parnitha offers breath-taking views. It is a good idea to spare mountain biking as an autumn activity. In autumn, bikers can take advantage of the cool weather to enjoy the scenery.

November in Athens

The Greek capital hosts the Athens Classic Marathon every November. It takes place at the Panathenaic Stadium. It is always a great activity to go and enjoy the race. It is also possible to register for an Olympic Workout Tour. These tours involve a professional athlete, leading customers through historical Olympic games and sites. For anyone interested in the Olympics or the history of Greece, it is a great activity. Families and individuals can enjoy the tour alike.

Finally, one can always get lost through the magical streets of Athens. Enjoying a cool drink while admiring the Acropolis in autumn is a dreamlike experience. Some of the locations for a nice night out in Athens are Ipitou Street, Plaka, Thiseos Street, Kolokotroni Street, Monastiraki Square, and Kerameikos.


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