Surrounded by the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is a wonderful place with its amazing beaches. For sure, its capital and the biggest city Athens has its share of this beauty as well.

Around the coast of Attica, it’s possible to find many beaches and other areas where you can swim. Furthermore, you can find both luxurious and affordable places in this area. 

Before delving into the list of beaches, note that the swimming water quality in Greece ranks as “excellent”. The European Environment Agency has published data indicating that the quality is valid for both the coastal and inland water.

Keep in mind that you’ll face a serious crowd and traffic on weekends during the summer. So, you may consider visiting the beaches on weekdays if you want to enjoy them better.

The best part of this city is that you can arrive at many beaches via a taxi, bus, or tram. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a car. 

So, let’s start discovering beaches near Athens.

Vouliagmeni Beach

It’s a beach that is family-friendly. There are many water sport activities here as well as seafood taverns. While entry to the beach is free, sunbeds are subject to fees. Note that this beach can be a bit crowded with all families and children around. If so, you can walk along the coast and find great coves in the area.

From Athens, Vouliagmeni Beach is around 20 kilometers. It’s an option to get a taxi from Syntagma Square. Or, you can take the metro to Elliniko, then get on the bus numbered 122.

Astir Beach

This place is on the south of Vouliagmeni. You can find luxurious hotels around this area. You can even see a few of Athen’s most luxurious hotels here. Astir Palace is only one of them. There are chic restaurants and bars on the beach as well. Furthermore, you can find free Wi-fi along the beach. It’s also possible to book a sunbed before you arrive at the beach. 

On weekdays, the entrance fee is around €25, and on weekends, it is €40 per person. Note that it’s always crowded. It’s open between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. However, the restaurants are open until midnight.

If you wonder how to arrive at Astir Beach, you have two options. One is to take the tram and leave at the stop Voula. The other option is to get the metro and leave it at Elliniko. 


Being a peninsula, Kavouri is also situated in Vouliagmeni. There are both paid and free areas along this beach. As you can expect, the free entry beaches are crowded in summer. Yet, if you walk away a bit, it’s possible to find quietness. It’s also a sandy beach with shallow water to a further point at sea. Here on this beach, you can see people playing beach paddle ball. Here you can find many places to buy snacks as well. 

The famous Divani Palace Hotel also overlooks Kavouri beach and the peninsula.

It’s also easy to arrive at this destination. From Athens, Kavouri is around 20 kilometers. As always, you have an option to get a taxi. Or, take the metro up to Elliniko, and take the bus with the number 122. 


Thalassea is another popular destination for swimming in Athens. It’s located in Voula. It also has a sandy beach and affordable sunbeds. The entrance fee to this beach is around €5-6. The price doesn’t change much on weekends.

A very attractive part of this beach is the beach parties. Also, they host famous singers from Greece at these parties. 

Public transport is also available to reach Thalassea. You have two options: One is to take the tram to the last stop, Asklipio Voulas. Or, take the metro to Elliniko, then take the 122 bus. 


Yabanaki is situated in southern Varkiza. Here, you can find all sorts of refreshments such as different options of coffee, seafood, fast food and many more. 

You’ll find different kinds of water sports here, such as windsurfing, waterskiing, paddleboarding, and so on. For children, bouncy castles are also available in the afternoons.

The entrance fee is around €5-6 on weekdays and weekends. However, while a parasol and sunbed are included on weekdays, you need to pay extra for parasols on weekends. Note that entrance is free after 7 p.m. for short swims.

You can take the metro to the station of Elliniko, then take the 122 or 171 bus.

Kape Beach

Kape Beach has a great view of the Aegean. Note that it’s a pebble beach. The water is very clean but it can get very deep suddenly. It has become more popular in recent years, this is why it’s crowded on weekends. 

Varkiza Beach

This is another family-friendly beach that is free and with shallow water. It’s also a sandy beach, so it’s suitable for your little children, too. As in other beaches, you may try to walk away from the crowded part of the beach to find a more quiet area.

It’s also possible to find tavernas with great seafood in this area.

This area is around 22 km away from the city center. You can take the 122 bus from Attiki Odos highway, or Poseidonos coast road.  

Beach of Sounio

This place is available both as a free space and an organized part. You can find all types of amenities here as well as parasols. You can also find excellent tavernas that offer delicious starters and seafood. Also, it overlooks the Temple of Poseidon and has very clean water. 

It takes around one hour to arrive here from the center of Athens. 


Edem is the closest beach to the center of Athens. It’s a sandy beach located between Palio Faliro and Alimos. Note that it is an organized area but it still gets quite crowded. 

The long promenade of the beach leads to other beaches as well. There is also a big chessboard on the way. It’s on the pavement, and you can see people playing it and enjoying the weather.

You can take the tram to arrive here. You can leave at the Edem stop. 

Flisvos Beach

This is another beach quite close to the city center. So, you can consider this area if you don’t have much time. Here you can find nightlife, great cafes, and roads for jogging. Be ready to find a crowd as well. 

So, how far is this area then? From the city center, it’s around 8 km. From the 

Syngrou-Fix metro stop, you can take an OASA bus. It takes around 20 minutes and you can find the buses every half an hour. 

Akanthus Beach

This beach offers you a great nightlife experience. You can enjoy the music, cocktails and the bars during the day as well. On weekends, live music is also available at this beach. At night, the beach is like a big party. 

From the city center, Akanthus is around 11 km. It’s situated on Poseidonos Avenue. You can get on the tram and leave at the Zephyros stop.

Glyfada Beach

Not to mention that this beach also offers you clear water. You can also find great cafes, bars, and chic restaurants here. Also, it’s famous for its shopping malls. The beach is popular with locals of Athens. 

Glyfada Beach is 16 km away from Athens city center, located in the south. You can take the tram from Syntagma Square, and leave at the stop Kentro Istioploias. It takes around 40 minutes to arrive at this beach.


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