In Athens, you won’t have difficulty finding a place to take photos. The city is rich with such destinations as ancient ruins, natural beauties, and scenic views. In this article, you’ll find some of the greatest places to visit and take a picture to put on Instagram. 


Monastiraki is a place where you can find the colorful Monastiraki Square, the rooftop bars, and Monastiraki Flea Market. The Monastiraki Square can be a good option to take a photo at. Also, the bars and the buildings at Plaka offer a great view of the Square from above. The Monastiraki Flea Market also has a unique atmosphere with its colors. 

As many people agree, Monastiraki is a place that is colorful and vibrant enough to cheer you up. For sure, the various restaurants, cafes, and bars have a big contribution to this vitality. Nightlife is also an important factor in this. 


This is a district of Anafiotika which offers you the experience of an island. Both the architecture and the places of entertainment such as tavernas and cafes with a view are important factors. For sure, you’ll feel the historical atmosphere once you step into this district. 

The place is also known for the stairs at Anafiotika where you can find various taverns around. Also, the historical buildings will make a gorgeous background for your pictures. 

Marina Floisvos

This is a place where you can see luxurious yachts and boat trips taking place. If you prefer to take a picture at the seaside, Marina Floisvos is a good choice because of its other options such as restaurants and cafes. 

This area is located in south Athens, in Palaio Faliro where its center is here at this marina. Both the atmosphere around the sea and the great view will please you and your Instagram followers when they see your picture here. 

Mount Lycabettus

It’s a spot best known for its sunset view. It’s 300 meters high from sea level. This is why it offers a great view of the city. It’s even possible to take a glance at the sea from this height as well. On the ground, you can see pine trees as well. In this way, you can stand at a great spot where you can enjoy the beauty of nature from above. 

If you wonder how to arrive here, a taxi or a funicular will work. 

Vouliagmeni Lake

Vouliagmeni Lake is a salt lake of which depth can reach as much as 100 meters. Some also claim that it has a quality of healing. The lake takes its name from its location Vouliagmeni that is in the south of Athens. It is also possible to swim here. 

Cape Sounio

This is another destination in Athens with a great view. It is around 60 meters high from sea level. The importance of this place is that the Temple of Poseidon is located here. Its history dates back to as far as 440 BC. This means that it is a monument from the Golden Age of Athens. So, you’ll witness the history when you arrive here. Furthermore, it’s a great place to take a picture that overlooks the sea. 

Especially the time of the sunset here is the best time to take a picture here. 


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