Athens to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Meteora is around 357 km, so it could be challenging – especially if you’re planning a kind of one-day trip in Athens. The least demanding and most agreeable approach to get from Athens to Meteora is by rental vehicle or private exchange (Which is the most expensive option as it’s expected). There is additionally the choice of going by bus routes or via train, despite the fact that the courses are backhanded and require a few changes in towns en route.

The mind-boggling Meteora complex is home to six cliffside religious communities, roosted on interesting stone developments situated close to the Pindus Mountains. It’s reminiscent of the Sumela Monastery in Turkey. You can wholeheartedly investigate Meteora alongside different features of Greece like Delphi, Olympia, and Mycenae if you have a one-week itinerary plan just for the Greek Mainland & Interiors.

Greek metro lines can be useful for Meteora as well!

  • One direct train for every day leaves toward the beginning of the day from Athens’ Larissa Station straightforwardly to Kalabaka, which is the nearest town to Meteora. In the event that you need to leave later, you have the choice of exchanging trains in Paleofarsalos. Trains can be reserved ahead of time.
  • Larissa Station is found not a long way from the National Archeological Museum in Athens. It tends to be gotten to by means of the “Larissa” stop on the M2 line (red line) of the Athens Metro, or by taxi.
  • There is a nearby bus lift running multiple times day by day from mid-March to November that can take you on the last leg of the excursion, from Kalabaka to Meteora. The lines don’t run in the winter season. On the off chance that you are going during the slow time of year, you have the alternative of taking a taxi or challenge yourself to climb to the wonderful monasteries.
  • Your duration in train might be 6 hours (train+bus lift combo)

You may get a bus ride in a conventional style, but It might not be that ordinary!

Getting a bus ride to Meteora can be more precarious than you expect, especially in comparison to getting a train. The bus stop is situated close Kato Patissia (green line) station. There are a couple of routes you can try to arrive at it. Your total duration would be 6-7 hours approximately.

  • From any metro line, remember to change once at Monastiraki station and get into the Greenline making a beeline for Kifissia.
  • Get off at Kato Patissia station and either stroll about 1km to the bus stop or get a taxi to get you there. The taxi should cost 3.20 Euro in addition to any exclusive charges for showing up at a bus stop yet it won’t go more than 5 Euro.
  • In the event that you will get a taxi, at that point you should advise the driver to get you to Liossion Station and not Athens bus stop.
  • At the bus stop, you ought to get a ride to Trikala, which is the enormous city close to Kalampaka and Meteora. When you get to Trikala you can get a direct ride to Kalampaka. (KTEL oversees the bus lines heading from Athens to the city of Trikala. From Trikala, you can take a bus straight ahead to Kalabaka. Departures from Trikala to Kalabaka occur each hour).

Why not rent-a-car for family comfort?

  • Private lifts can also be an option as they can be reserved to take you from your lodging or from Athens air terminal straight to Meteora. On the off chance that you want to self-drive, you can take a look at any rent-a-car company with a good reputation that’s operating a branch around Athens.
  • You need to pay the required tolls during your private driving from Athens to Meteora. Costs in Greece are normally modest, and are paid in cash to booths directly. The course should be around 4 hours.
  • There are a few good-to-see spots in transit from Athens to Meteora: Most prominent ones are The Archeological Museum of Thebes, The museum and archeological park at Delphi (Dropping by  Delphi will result in a bit longer course but this historical center has the possibility of crowning your trip to Greece).


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