On the off chance brunch, that informal breakfast, is your preferred feast, we are very encouraged: Athens is a very exciting place when it comes to this type of early afternoon breakfast. Maybe this is on the grounds that all dinners start somewhat later here than in many spots, or possibly that morning meal nourishments are an ideal method to facilitate the headache after you’ve seen the best of Athens’ nightlife. Whatever the explanation, you’ll discover everything from great eggs benedict to breakfast sandwiches featuring Greek meats and cheeses. Here are a couple of our preferred alternatives.

Me Kolonaki

A chic amateur on Kolonaki’s verdant Kapsali Street acquiring credit for its amazing throughout the day brunch. The menu is pressed with such a significant number of novel enticements that you may experience your order as a battle. Yogurt parfait with avocado, blueberries and thyme nectar, Porridge banoffee with choc drop and nutty spread, entire wheat crepes with flax seeds, natural eggs, prosciutto and asparagus… They’re only a portion of the conceivable outcomes. You’ll additionally discover first-class smoothies (we cherished the Greenμe with avocado, pineapple, kale, coconut water, lime, and nectar) or launch your day with a devious yet pleasant mixed drink like the Breakfast Mojito. About six rich tables fan over the asphalt. Inside, there’s about a similar number once more, in addition to a bright common seat on blonde parquetry floors. The style has the smooth and radiant vibe of a L.A. boutique. It’s a predominantly nearby more established group (cosmopolites and off the clock urban experts) with costs befitting this opulent neighborhood. Booking ahead is a keen proceed onward ends of the week.


Situated in the focal point of Athens, Estrella is a throughout the day breakfast and early lunch place, perfect for instant commendable food shots! The spot was first propelled in Thessaloniki and, following its gigantic achievement, it tends to be currently found in Athens as well. We suggest that you attempt the celebrated bougatsan, a croissant presented with bougatsa cream and the heavenly pizza that accompanies an exceptional greek koulouri covering!

7 Cactus

Serving just breakfast and beloved brunch, 7 Cactus gives exceptional breath to Athens’ early lunch contributions. What’s more, it’s in close proximity to Acropolis and Plaka. What makes 7 Cactus one of a kind is that it blends breakfast & brunch culture with the utilization of nearby Greek items in an exceptionally fruitful manner. My preferred dish is the pungent flapjacks made of Naxos potatoes. It serves brunch day so it’s an incredible decision to get a little chomp in the wake of visiting the Acropolis Museum.


This snazzy bistro is situated on the ground floor of City Circus, a smooth lodging with colossal character. Just as a youthful, cosmopolitan group from the rooms upstairs, you’ll discover neighborhood regulars who return over and over for the incredible worth early lunch. On Sundays, your eggs benedict, avocado toast, and smoked salmon bagels are presented with a side request of live tramp jazz. The Bloody Marys are acceptable, as well.

Oh Mama

Another incredible decision for a brunch feast is “Oh Mama”, situated in the southern rural areas of Athens. It exhibits exquisite bits and astounding assortment for each taste, from sound yogurt bowls to pungent waffles and eggs with truffle. It has a wonderful nursery, where you can have your early lunch while getting a charge out of the daylight, and it’s a fairly hip spot.


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