Athens offers some great gourmet tastes. In spite of the fact that the admired Michelin Guide still can’t seem to get a handle on the expansiveness of what the Athens culinary scene brings to the table, in 2019 it granted five cafés in Athens with Michelin stars. Every one of the five cafés—three granted 1 Michelin star and two with 2 stars—are definitely justified even despite the visit. The setting is frequently as charming as what’s on the plate, from top-notch food by the shoreline to a housetop café with Acropolis sees. They’re additionally sensibly estimated by worldwide measures, given their superb structure and quality. Furthermore, you don’t need to book a very long time ahead of time. So in case you’re feeling naive in Athens, take the plunge.


Botrini’s leader restaurant in the unassuming however energetic suburb of Halandri is a radiant space with white furnishings and dividers that hotshot the similarly splendid dishes. The menu adjusts the most recent food patterns with very much aligned sentimentality. Botrini’s culinary recollections from the island of Corfu, where he grew up, are refined and refreshed utilizing front line strategies. The swordfish carpaccio seasoned with harsh orange is a genuine model. For his mark marine carbonara, the tagliatelle is made with calamari and the egg yolk emulsion is supplanted with ocean imp roe. What’s more, what is this nervy expansion at the base of the menu: Tzatziki for dessert? Be that as it may, taste at your own discretion!

Funky Gourmet

This historic café in the restless neighborhood of Keramikos as of late shut, and will revive inside the Athens Hilton in 2020. The restaurant may have an intriguing name, nonetheless, it is a straightforward foundation, clearly and completely meriting its two Michelin stars. It presumably tries to increase to a third at its new location. Despite the fact that the menu makes certain to drastically change as well when Funky Gourmet revives, the main decade’s most noteworthy hits incorporated a well-known granita of Greek serving of mixed greens, a team of white chocolate and bottarga (relieved fish roe), an astonishing bunny and shallot stifado “stew”, and an exceptional mini-burger.


This fancy diner is somewhat concealed on the sixth floor of the Onassis Stegi on Syngrou Avenue, a quickly developing expressway that is currently home to three extraordinary social settings. Hytra as of late experienced a new patch up by Diversity, an honor winning design studio. Hytra’s food is impacted by the Scandinavian cutting edge. A valid example: a menu studded with uncommon searched and aged vegetables, spices, and organic products. Dishes highlight matured pear, pine needle emulsion, salted porcini, whitened mustard leaves, and creamed kelp. So it’s an extraordinary decision for vegans. There is even a fantastic veggie lover (although not vegan) eight-course tasting menu.


A watchful, private café with two wonderful patios and two enchanting lounge areas – one worked from recovered blocks in the style of a vaulted basement. Top-quality occasional fixings are utilized in creative, deftly executed, incredibly introduced present-day French dishes. Greek, French and Italian wines are included in a great selection.

Varoulko Seaside

Varoulko has an extraordinary spot in Mikrolimano Marina – the chef’s old neighborhood. Watch the yachts coast by from the oceanic themed lounge area which opens onto the water. Greek and Mediterranean dishes are boosted with natural vegetables, Cretan olive oil, and the freshest fish; while squid and octopus variants are included profoundly.


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