Eat dinner in a revolving restaurant captured in the sky during this thrilling experience in Athens. From a bird’s eye view at 165 feet (50 meters) in the air, get views of the city of Athens lit up at night, including the illuminated Acropolis, as the table slowly rotates. With 22 dining companions, feast on a 6-course meal of modern and traditional Greek dishes with unlimited wine, beer, and soft drinks. Choose between Sunset Dinner or City Lights Dinner.

Join The Feast In The Sky!

Dinner in the Sky is a once in life witnessing. Visitors from everywhere from all corners of the world get the opportunity to join a table of 22 seats where individuals that they don’t have a clue are seated, and immediately become one with the participants of this gathering with a scrumptious 5-course menu alongside deliberately chosen local wines. While suspended up to 50 meters over the ground they appreciate a superb nightfall, astonishing panoramas of the Acropolis and a general 360-degree view on Athens, says the proprietor of Dinner in the Sky Greece, Alexandros Papadopoulos.

Exceptional Platform Experience

The novel experience, which is celebrating its fourth year in Athens is unprecedented, as it has hosted in excess of 13,000 visitors including artists, on-screen characters, and competitors from everywhere throughout the world. As the table gradually turns, the café gives visitors a magnificent 360 degree – 10,000-foot look on the city of Athens and a vibe that is consistently peppy, fun, and eventful.

The high distance might be a worry for a few, yet Dinner in the Sky’s group ensures that everybody has a sense of security and once open to question, everybody disregards their dread of statures. Alexandros says “We have had cases that visitors were prepared to leave the scene when they understood what Dinner in the Sky was about. We persuaded them to go along with us and they had a great time. So to the individuals who fear great heights, I say leave your feelings of trepidation in the ground and go along with us for an encounter that you will recollect forever.”

Taste Local Food In An Original Environment

This year, Dinner in the Sky wishes to concentrate on utilizing traditional & local items from various parts of the country. Their refreshed menu by culinary expert Magda Gkogkoura incorporates Fava bean and Vinsanto wine from Santorini, Koulouri (bagel) from Thessaloniki and Salmon cooked with Ouzo. Their painstakingly chosen wines which visitors taste on while raising high in the sky are from the neighborhood of Peloponnese, especially from Nemea.


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